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From the moment I met Karen Hoyos years ago, she has been an inspiration to me and my coaching business. She has encouraged me to continue developing my programs and return to the speaker platform. Partnering with Karen Hoyos has been great. She is full of energy and enthusiasm. She is genuine and cares for her clients. Most importantly, she is a woman of integrity. Since coaching with Karen she has helped me to increase my sales and participation in my programs by 60% and I have learned how to sell from the stage. Karen has introduced me to influential people that have taken my career to the next level. I highly recommend Karen as a mentor and a coach.

Karl Romain, America’s Lifestyle Coach – Personal Martial Arts Trainer for Doctor Oz

Karen Hoyos solidly stands for people to live their life’s purpose and create abundance doing what they love. After attending her seminars, and working with her for 2 years, I was clear about the purpose that I wanted to fulfill in my life and became a Youth International Speaker. The tools that I learned with Karen, were all about trusting that when I follow my greatness and live my purpose, the perfect people, situations and resources will show up to support my mission. These principles led me to connect with  group of other amazing leaders and the partnership of the Youth Empowerment Center Dignity Universal was born, impacting the lives of thousands of youth. It is a blessing and a privilege to live this amazing life. Thank you Karen for being a Guiding light in my life!!

Rossmery Gomez, Youth International Speaker – CEO/ CWL Enterprises – Co-Founder of Dignity Universal

Coaching with Karen Hoyos is a unique adventure. The first thing she said to me is “I cannot fix you because you are not broken”; then proceeded to knock me off the pity-pot that I had been building all my life. I never knew I was going to be a life coach or public speaker. I went from being apprehensive and self-conscious to owning the stage and basking in the spotlight. One of the main things I learned from Karen was to allow my essence to speak and my mind won’t even have a chance to get nervous or confused. Karen taught me to connect with the audience. Not only eye to eye, but soul to soul.

Karen Hoyos has always taken a stand for my greatness and held me to the highest of standards. She constantly pushed me beyond my comfort zone spiritually, socially and professionally. Because of Karen’s commitment to my success, in only 90 days, I was able to establish the amazing non-profit organization Milagros Day Worldwide, serving thousands of domestic violence survivors; and become the powerful Speaker, Author, Life-Coach and Public Figure that I am today!

Karen’s specialty is having people find their life’s purpose and having them put that purpose into immediate, massive action. I am so grateful to have Karen Hoyos as my coach, mentor and friend!

Dawn Diaz, Speaker- Author – Life Coach- Founder of Milagros Day Worldwide



  • Karen Hoyos is a wondrous composite of raw energy, emotion, passion, and unfettered inspiration.  Following her coaching has absolutely transformed my life both inwardly and outwardly.  I have found my purpose—and I am living it. I confidently have now spoken and negotiated with leading authorities, stood before dignitaries, and strategized with ambassadors to bring the clone that can cure HIV to the world.

          Stan Packard, MD – Chief Executive Officer, Bioclonetics

  • Before working with Karen Hoyos I had never done a seminar, all I had was a bunch of ideas. Now I’ve put those ideas into action and I’ve been on stage sharing my message in front of thousands people.

          Joshua Hayward, Professional Breakthrough Expert – Founder and CEO of True Life Training

  • Karen Hoyos is the most extraordinary trainer I have met. After completing her coaching I can clearly identify how her program has manifested in my life. My business has grown over 40% in just 3 months, making me one of the most successful startup networkers within our Company in its history. The awareness shift, I experienced connecting my mind to my heart, allows my essence to speak in front of thousands of people and live a life of true fulfillment.

         Sanjay Raval, International Network marketing entrepreneur

  • Through her dynamism, sweetness and humor, the coaching with Karen Hoyos is able help one detect one’s essential nature of service and make that into the standard way of being. This energy carries one powerfully through all the aspects of one’s life integrating them into a powerful force to achieve one’s purpose in life.  I am eternally grateful to her in transforming my life.

          Gerald Surya, MD – Creator of the Sparkling Health program

  • Thanks to Karen Hoyos I followed my vision of producing an extraordinary & transformational film, featuring ten of the most successful entrepreneur women in the USA and Canada inspiring other women from around the world. Karen’s coaching is powerful and effective to make profound shifts in one’s life with strong support, enlightening inspiration, and mindful focus that generates real results.

          Kristin Thomas, CEO of Thomas & Ingram Real Estate/Filmmaker

  • I believe that god led me to Karen. From the very first seminar I attended I was under her spell. Her energy and way of being on and off stage had an effect on my essence that I will never forget. After working with Karen, I knew what my purpose was and it came with a sense of urgency that grew my company in a record three months time. I trusted that Karen would help me get my business going; but I never expected to learn so much about myself and the ego that had been sabotaging my results! Over time I realized that she was not only a seasoned professional and businesswoman; but also a guru!


If you are not ready to make drastic changes in your life to one of passion, purpose, abundance, and joy then run away as fast as you can. Karen is a spiritual warrior whose words are her sword cutting through the collective ego with passion and purpose to transform the world!

Karen is a blessing and gift from god and I am in eternal gratitude for her coaching.”

 Matthew Marnitz, Spiritual Leader – Regression Hypnotherapist | Life Coach | Speaker



>Leading Leaders Corporate Seminar:

  • Leading Leaders seminars can take any member of your organization to the next level and turn them into a powerful dynamic leader; one who leads from the essence rather than the mind. This is what is necessary to build a great company!”

Sifu Romain,

         Celebrity Martial Arts Trainer


  • “Leading Leaders Seminar will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. I had a breakthrough in this safe and loving environment. I am so grateful for this opportunity!”

 Jacqueline Vargas (Leading Leaders Advanced)


  • “In the Leading Leaders Seminar I found my life’s purpose with a profound sense of freedom and self-identification. I recommend it!

  Fleriser Bello (Leading Leaders Advanced)


  • “Leading Leaders seminar helped my sisters and I realize the massive empire that is already within us. I learned that it is the responsibility of every leader to connect their work to their life’s purpose”

 Debra Diana (BUSINESS Results)


>The Power of Universal Influence:


  • The Power of Universal Influence allowed me to reconnect with the true soul that was always living inside me. This is the greatest gift I have ever received!”

     Roselia Reyes (Power of Universal Influence)


  • “In The Power of Universal Influence was the most wonderful experience of my life! In this seminar I met my own essence and I learned that I am one with the universe.”

  Angela Lopez  (Power of Universal Influence)


  • The Power of Universal Influence has lifted the blindfold from my eyes to reveal the true ME. This was an unforgettable experience”

Jenny Correa  (Power of Universal Influence)


  • The Power of Universal Influence was a journey of awakening, I learned something new about myself every minute!”

    Shavon Calderon  (Power of Universal Influence)


  • “After attending The Power of Universal Influence I was able to leave my comfort zone and live my purpose, this is the first day of the rest of my life!

Jasmine Rodriguez  (Power of Universal Influence)


>The Magic of Manifestation:


  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I learned that it will be easy to achieve my goals if I follow my purpose. I also learned that it is OK to follow my heart and trust others” Paula Lopez (Magic of Manifestation)


  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I learned universal principles that been have proven to work. This seminar introduced me to a new standard of living” Chris Romero (Magic of Manifestation)


  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I found deep insights to my inner obstacles and creative tools to overcome those obstacles. I also began some true friendships to continue this journey of life in transformation!”

 Gerald Surya (Magic of Manifestation)


New York Times Keynote

  • It was such a pleasure to have Karen Hoyos’ seminar at The New York Times. Karen have so much energy and passion for what she does that the audience have no choice but engage, enjoy and get inspired by your testimony.

Karen Hoyos teaches in a fun and practical way how to live and work with passion and purpose, increase personal & professional confidence and tackle daily challenges. Thanks!!!!

Deyanira Martinez , The New York Times office manager Advertísing & sales


Milagros Day Worldwide Keynote

  • Karen Hoyos has been a Keynote Speaker for Milagros Day Worldwide many times. Her combination of glamour, spirituality and congruence; is a formula that is sure to thoroughly entertain and truly inspire the people attending your event. Her endearing accent and mesmerizing smile are the vehicle for the impact that her words will leave in the consciousness of your group. Karen is able to touch the hearts of those in attendance and move them into action!

Dawn Diaz, Speaker-  Author – Life Coach – Founder, Milagros Day Worldwide


Karen Hoyos is a remarkable person, her heart shines with a most profound light. Since meeting Karen, my life has turned

in a completely different direction. Her coaching has equipped me with tools that were previously unknown to me; daily

use of which has opened many horizons, and enriched my life to the fullest. In my professional life as a song writer/producer, I’m experiencing incredible overflow of opportunities and inspiration. I’m blessed to know this lady, she has been my greatest teacher and a Guardian Angel. I’ve learned how to value every moment and stay in it. I’ve learned how to be happy again.

Oksana Grigorieva, Hollywood Celebrity

Karen Hoyos is not only a ball of energy who lights fire in anybody she meets, she is an outstanding coach who motivates

and inspires! I have never worked with somebody who is so dedicated to her clients, their success and inner well-being

as Karen. I am deeply thankful to Karen for instilling confidence in me to stand in front of audiences and speak all the while

having fun! She helped  me see my value and  who I AM!

There is no coach or mentor like Karen, in one word: FANTASTIC!

Jacqueline Muller

Global transformational coach, speaker

and life changing journeys facilitator

Hong Kong



After participating in the Master Essence Coaching with Karen Hoyos, I am living in the present moment and am no longer driven by Drama in my life; I save the “Drama” for the stage.

Marisol Carrere, Award Winning Actor/Producer

After Business Coaching with Karen Hoyos, I learned to ask for what I want and not be afraid. I was able to successfully launch my production company Carrere Films International, LLC; launch my Bullying Prevention Program attached to my film I AM JULIA, and have the New York Women In Film & Television Organization sponsor my movement THE I AM PEACE PROJECT.

Marisol Carrere, Award Winning Actor/Producer

As a result of my participation in Karen Hoyos’ Master Essence Coaching Program, I have learned to love and heal myself, and have truly found inner peace. My personal and business relationships have been greatly improved; and I am enjoying much better health and stamina in my life!

Susanna Koehler


As result of the Master Essence Coaching Group, I learned and developed many different things in my life. I was able to find my life purpose. I noticed the ability to believe in myself. I am confident that I have so much to offer others. I became a lot more responsible and was able to use technology and social media to manage my time better and get a lot more accomplished. It was such a great experience and I am happy that I did it.

Cristina Soto

Being a part of the Master Essence Coaching was eye-opening, to say the least. It was like I was sitting in a dark room and someone flicked the light switch on. I found out that as long as I am living my life’s purpose, there is no room for addictions. What a revelation!!! This has been the most precious gift I could receive. I decided to start pursuing my life’s purpose full time. I will let my essence guide me through the path that it chooses. My gratitude knows no bounds in that regard.

Raul Morffi (Master Essence Coaching)

Because of the Master Essence Coaching Program I am feeling more alive and excited with the clarity that I will fulfill my purpose, it is no longer a question or struggle. I learned to recognize my ego and have the awareness of when she has hijacked the moment. I have a better relationship with my mom and sister; gained the courage to move forward launching my brand; and fulfilled the commitment to get in shape and feel amazing in my body. I now have a deeper trust in the magic of life!

Kathleen Graham (Master Essence Coaching)

Karen Hoyos is an extraordinary spiritual leader and an inspiration to millions.  Her passion for the children of the world, who are needlessly suffering, gave me a shocking sense of urgency in implementing my life-long vision for positive change in communities around the world.  People are ready and the time is now.  Thank you Karen for helping so many to share their gifts with the world!

–  David Giller, Co-Founder, The “Think Positive World” Global Initiative

Helene Abrams (Strategies for Success)

Karen Hoyos attracts individuals who have a positive vision for humanity, and embraces each person as a member of her extended family.  She is a powerful motivator and a master at engaging her workshop participants to play at 100% and operate from the inner-core of their being…their true essence. Having the opportunity to participate in Karen’s workshops has been an amazing experience for me and I am excited about

working with her on many great projects to create a better world.

– Helene Abrams, Co-Founder, The “Think Positive World” Global Initiative


“Karen’s workshop attracts powerful participants. I had the pleasure of being part of her transformational workshop. Being part of this group, The manifestation energy is amplified for myself and other participants. Opportunities are being presented are coming to me quickly. Prior to this, my energy was stagnating. Karen’s workshop has ignited my passion. In addition to this, I found like minded group of friends that are now family. Love you Karen! ”

Mimi Lam

Before training with Karen my life was completely upside down. We were totally wiped out, down to the very clothes on our backs, as a direct result of Hurricane Sandy. I was literally down to my last $5, within TWO WEEKS of participating in Karen’s seminar, over $20,000 that I had been waiting on for MONTHS suddenly came to me. I left an unfulfilling business and went full time into living my purpose. After this, I was able to manifest over $40,000 worth of home repairs and obtained a new car. The total financial blessings to my family within 3 months of the seminar have exceeded $100,000.

Mark Dana 

Before meeting Karen Hoyos my marriage was on the brink of divorce. During the seminar, Karen coached me through a forgiveness exercise, which allowed me to release a burning hatred for a person who I felt had severely wronged me and my family. It was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life. I learned to get out of acting from my ego, and to start acting from my essence and let go of all the anger and resentment that I had been carrying. It was the first step toward joining my wife in healing our relationship. Today, we are a healed family. There are no words that can do justice to how grateful I am to you for that.

Mark Dana 

Before working with Karen Hoyos I had never done a seminar, all I had was a bunch of ideas. Karen helped me to put those ideas into action and in 90 days I was speaking in front of thousands people. I now share the stage with top speakers in the personal growth industry!

-Joshua Hayward, Professional Breakthrough Expert, Founder and CEO of True Life Training


“It was such a pleasure to have Karen Hoyos’ seminar at The New York Times. Karen Hoyos teaches in a fun and practical way how to live and work with passion and purpose, increase personal & professional confidence and tackle daily challenges. Thanks!!”

-Deyanira Martinez – The New York Times office manager Advertísing & sales support

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