The vision of Karen Hoyos International is to To Raise the Consciousness of Humanity and Transform this Planet into one of Peace, Love and Abundance for All. We train leaders to find, share and maximize the impact of their gifts to serve the world creating financial success doing what they love! We reach the masses through the powerful influence of our thousands of graduates. Our seminars go deep, into the core of people’s essence and empower them to find, live and share their life’s purpose.

Are you ready to receive the manifestation of your calling?

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The key to having it all.

Essence for Success is a complimentary seminar, through which Karen Hoyos will give you specific strategies that have been designed and tested by millions of people around the world. These principles lead to increased production capacity and immediate results in business as well as in personal life.

In this seminar you will learn how to:

-Anchor your success creating an avalanche of extraordinary results.

-Deal with all obstacles under any circumstance.

-Clarify and edify your life’s vision.

-Get inspired to take massive action that will attract success and abundance in every area of your life.


As a result of my participation in Karen Hoyos’ Master Essence Coaching Program, I have learned to love and heal myself, and have truly found inner peace. My personal and business relationships have been greatly improved; and I am enjoying much better health and stamina in my life!

Susanna Koehler

After attending The Essence for Success I was able to leave my comfort zone and live my purpose, this is the first day of the rest of my life!  Jasmine Rodriguez

Karen Hoyos attracts individuals who have a positive vision for humanity, and embraces each person as a member of her extended family.  She is a powerful motivator and a master at engaging her workshop participants to play at 100% and operate from the inner-core of their being…their true essence. Having the opportunity to participate in Karen’s workshops has been an amazing experience for me and I am excited about

working with her on many great projects to create a better world.

– Helene Abrams, Co-Founder, The “Think Positive World” Global Initiative



ESSENCE For SUCCESS Registration Form

                      Yes, Karen! I accept your gift of this Powerful Complimentary Seminar!


The Power of Universal Influence is an intense and profound experience of transformation: This seminar will lead you to recognize the warrior of light that is within you, one that can transform the world and overcome any circumstance or challenge.

This seminar is By Application Only.

Karen Hoyos trains only those leaders who are ready fulfill purpose and are willing to live in congruence with the impact that they are meant to stand for.

  • The Power of Universal Influence allowed me to reconnect with the true soul that was always living inside me. This is the greatest gift I have ever received!”           Roselia Reyes


  • The Power of Universal Influence has lifted the blindfold from my eyes to reveal the true ME. This was an unforgettable experience”

Jenny Correa


  • “In The Power of Universal Influence was the most wonderful experience of my life! In this seminar I met my own essence and I learned that I am one with the universe.”

  Angela Lopez

You will learn how to:

  • Raise your vibration to align yourself with the right people and circumstances to fulfill your vision.
  • Use the wisdom of your past without negative attachment to speed up the results in your favor.
  • Maintain peace at all times, just like the eye of a hurricane!
  • Be fully present at any moment to focus and practice the art of manifestation.
  • Influence people around you with your essence and move them into action to contribute to your life’s purpose.



HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE in an exclusive, magical weekend in the mountains at the extraordinary seminar The Magic of Manifestation. Three days to create the life of your dreams!

This powerful seminar was designed to:

  • Bring into existence all that your heart desires
  • Awaken and manifest your life’s purpose
  • Connect yourself to your inner child
  • Bring into harmony your feminine and masculine energy
  • Trust, Forgive & let go of the past
  • Disconnect from your routine and ReConnect with nature
  • Breakthrough mental barriers holding you back from everything you deserve
  • Have fun!!


-Being part of an elite group chosen to spend time with Karen Hoyos.

-Room accommodation.

– Meals for the entire weekend and more…

  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I learned that it will be easy to achieve my goals if I follow my purpose. I also learned that it is OK to follow my heart and trust others” Paula Lopez
  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I found deep insights to my inner obstacles and creative tools to overcome those obstacles. I also began some true friendships to continue this journey of life in transformation!” Gerald Surya


  • “In The Magic of Manifestation I learned universal principles that been have proven to work. This seminar introduced me to a new standard of living”

Chris Romero






This is a one of a kind seminar created to train the elite group of global light-workers who are committed to serve humanity with their gifts and talents. Participants of this seminar include community leaders, media influencers, conscious entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, healers, philanthropists, and those committed to fulfill their vision and purpose,

  • “Leading Leaders Seminar will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. I had a breakthrough in this safe and loving environment. I am so grateful for this opportunity!”

         Jacqueline Vargas

  • “In the Leading Leaders Seminar I found my life’s purpose with a profound sense of freedom and self-identification. I recommend it!

        Fleriser Bello


You will learn & experience:

-Speaking & coaching skills at a transformational level.

-How to create strategic alliances with leaders of power.

-Experience a new plateau of leading consciousness.

-How to influence others in a soul level generating measurable & lasting results.

-Set new standards that will edify the impact of your work & actions.

-How to leave a legacy of global change by raising the vibration of our planet.

-Receive access to unlimited resources to build an extraordinary financial and transformational empire.




Leading Leaders Advanced is a revolutionary seminar focused on the training of those leaders who lead the masses. Currently, only 1% of the population of the world is living their life’s purpose. There is a formula that states that when 3% of the population is living their purpose; the entire planet will be transformed. This is what this group is all about.

Leading Leaders Advanced is a revolutionary seminar focused on the training of those leaders who lead the masses. Currently, only 1% of the population of the world is living their life’s purpose. There is a formula that states that when 3% of the population is living their purpose; the entire planet will be transformed. This is what this group is all about.

Here you will learn & Receive:

-Speaking & coaching skills at a soul level.

`The ultimate course to build your transformational business.

-How to sell effectively with integrity and responsibility.

–How to Lead by faith and congruency

-The secrets to influence individuals and groups under any circumstances

-How to use the leverage of multi-media to expand your mission

-How to create a global impact through your life’s purpose

-The power of leading only leaders


Mimi Lam

“Karen’s workshop attracts powerful participants. I had the pleasure of being part of her transformational workshop. Being part of this group, The manifestation energy is amplified for myself and other participants. Opportunities are being presented are coming to me quickly. Prior to this, my energy was stagnating. Karen’s workshop has ignited my passion. In addition to this, I found like minded group of friends that are now family. Love you Karen! ”

David Giller

Karen Hoyos is an extraordinary spiritual leader and an inspiration to millions.  Her passion for the children of the world, who are needlessly suffering, gave me a shocking sense of urgency in implementing my life-long vision for positive change in communities around the world.  People are ready and the time is now.  Thank you Karen for helping so many to share their gifts with the world!



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