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Real Transformation in the Real World

Real Transformation in the Real World

By: Karen Hoyos

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Everyone on this planet has a purpose, millions are looking for it, many others are pursuing it and very few are actually living it. I have worked with thousands of graduates of my seminars and witnessed their extraordinary transformation. During this time, I have seen people start fully committed to a life of growth but after some time just quit to go back to their comfort zone supported by a thought out excuse. I have also had the gift to facilitate the transformation and empower brave leaders to step up against any obstacle and fulfill their mission. For all of them, I am deeply grateful.

What does it take for people to transform their life in every area and fully live their purpose? I am not just talking about some aspects of their life or a temporary change that they might get in their church, temple or even in a workshop. This is not just having the concept of inner transformation in their mind, this is the real deal.

In fact, many people live in the illusion of two worlds, the “spiritual” and the “real” world. In their spiritual world, they do acts of kindness. Many of them are admired by others because their business and charity work are in alignment with contribution. However, they believe in their subconscious mind that it is ok to take a break from transformation. They believe they do so much, they must have the right to cheat in other areas of their life. They negotiate their values and find people that will support this unconscious behavior. Of course these people are also not fulfilled. Behind closed doors they suffer from the impact of their inauthenticity not knowing that the key to get out of that state is CONGRUENCY.

Congruency is the top value of any spiritual journey. This is the secret to unveil the illusion of separation of the two worlds created by the ego, bringing them together as an eternal present from the essence of our being. Many will prefer to walk away or judge others that dare to do what they are not choosing. It is easier to find an excuse then to take responsibility and really take a stand for the genuine transformation of this world that begins with each of us.

How can you bring congruency to your life when it may be so challenging?

Here are the principles that you can apply to make congruency your daily practice:

  1. CLARITY:  Clarify why you are on this planet. You have a purpose. If you don’t know what it is ask yourself this question:  If you had all the money in the world and all the time to enjoy it what would you do with your “time’? When you let go of your attachment to money all that is left is your calling.
  1. CHOOSE POWERFULLY:  Make a powerful choice from your heart and not from your head that you will truly live your life’s purpose NOW and not in the future. Make your purpose an emergency because it is.
  1. CLEAN YOUR SPACE:  Let go of the people, circumstances, habits, events and actions that are not CONGRUENT with your inner transformation. It may feel challenging in the beginning but it will be the best gift you will give to the manifestation of your purpose on this planet.

Karen Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity coach-Speaker & Author. Her message has reached millions of people through her seminars, top television show appearances and bestselling products.Find out more about Karen Hoyos here: – Twitter: @KarenHoyos