Karen Hoyos’ One on One coaching is for people who want to take the fast-track to success, fulfillment, and impact in the world. This program is for leaders who are ready to achieve exponential growth in all areas of life!


Many coaches offer valuable tools and guidelines for clients to achieve goals “on their own”. Karen Hoyos’ One on One Coaching is very different and totally unique in the industry! Here, every experience, achievement and challenge, is part of a perfect synchronicity for you to fulfill your purpose.

Through years of experience, thousands of graduates, and worldwide recognition as a “Transformation Celebrity”; Karen Hoyos has created an exceptional program that not only provides full access tools for success in any area of life, but simultaneously creates a proactive and direct alliance with the empire built by Karen Hoyos through her impeccable integrity and tenacious leadership.

It is no wonder that Leaders from around the world are applying to be part of this exclusive circle of leaders. Karen only works with people that are 100% committed to living their life purpose and are ready to leave their legacy of transformation, service and wealth on this planet.

Some of the extraordinary benefits of working One on One with Karen Hoyos include:

  • 360 Degree Personal and Business Transformation
    • The guarantee from this intense and life-changing, custom tailored program is that your life will undergo a profound transformation in all areas. Karen will guide you through a journey into your heart with the tools that will enable you to unleash the abundance that has been limited by your mind.




Karen Hoyos solidly stands for people to live their life’s purpose and create abundance doing what they love. After attending her seminars, and working with her for 2 years, I was clear about the purpose that I wanted to fulfill in my life and became a Youth International Speaker. The tools that I learned with Karen, were all about trusting that when I follow my greatness and live my purpose, the perfect people, situations and resources will show up to support my mission. These principles led me to connect with  group of other amazing leaders and the partnership of the Youth Empowerment Center Dignity Universal was born, impacting the lives of thousands of youth. It is a blessing and a privilege to live this amazing life. Thank you Karen for being a Guiding light in my life!!

Rossmery Gomez

Youth International Speaker

CEO/ CWL Enterprises

Co-Founder of Dignity Universal


Jacqueline Muller

Karen Hoyos is not only a ball of energy who lights fire in anybody she meets, she is an outstanding coach who motivates

and inspires! I have never worked with somebody who is so dedicated to her clients, their success and inner well-being

as Karen. I am deeply thankful to Karen for instilling confidence in me to stand in front of audiences and speak all the while

having fun! She helped  me see my value and  who I AM!

There is no coach or mentor like Karen, in one word: FANTASTIC!

Jacqueline Muller

Global transformational coach, speaker

and life changing journeys facilitator

Hong Kong, 2014


  • Sales Mastery: Selling from Essence On and Off the Stage
    • Karen Hoyos will train you in the ultimate sales and influence techniques that will yield immediate financial results in your business. You will learn how to speak to clients on a soul level, and sell effectively with integrity and responsibility. Karen will teach you the secret to influencing individuals and groups under any circumstance, and how to create a global impact through living your life’s purpose.


  • Direct access to Karen Hoyos’ Multimillion Dollar Network
    • Karen Hoyos has built an impressive rapport with the movers and shakers in many industries, including business, media and philanthropy. As a client of Karen’s One on One Coaching program you will be in the position to network with industry leaders. Not only will you be connected with these individuals, but you will be  highly edified by Karen as an expert in your field.


  • Direct connection to Karen’s influential TV, Radio and Multi-Media Database.
    • As a client in Karen Hoyos’ One on One Coaching program you will have the opportunity to promote your products and services as a guest on a variety of  television and radio shows as well as have your articles published in mainstream web and print magazines.
  • Action plan and measurable results in your business and personal life
    • Karen will ensure you are solid in connection with your life’s mission and you are clear about the extraordinary results you plan to achieve. This is where Karen’s coaching gets very intense, as she will not let you play safe and will push you way beyond your comfort zone! This is where you will set milestones and will be held accountable every step of the way. You will develop impeccable integrity with your word and the outcome will flow in congruence with the impact and contribution you are committed to making in the world.


“For years I would say “Someday I will do this”, “When I retire”, “When my kids grow up” etc..  Karen would have none of this! By the end of my 90-day coaching, my non-profit organization  Milagros Day Worldwide was established! We have touched thousands of lives since then. That is what you call results!!”

~Dawn Diaz, Speaker, Author, Life-Coach;   

Founder, Milagros Day Worldwide; CEO Rescue Coaching LLC


  • Solid Partnerships to position you as a leading authority in your industry
    • The graduates of Karen Hoyos One on One Coaching Program enjoy a built-in Joint-Venture pool of resources and forums to call upon for Grand Openings, Product Launches, Capital Campaigns, Social Media Exposure, etc. These types of connections will elevate your brand to the level of exclusivity.


  • Red carpet access to the most renowned award ceremonies in the world.
    • As a Celebrity Coach, Karen Hoyos has become a celebrity herself. As one of Karen’s One on One clients you will have the opportunity to be a guest at some of the most prestigious international events. Here you will have the unique experience of rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the entertainment industry while presenting yourself and your service on an equal plane. With Karen’s training, you will approach this otherwise surreal setting with joy and confidence.


“Thanks to Karen Hoyos I followed my vision of producing an extraordinary transformational film, featuring ten of the most successful entrepreneur women in the USA and Canada inspiring other women from around the world.”

-Kristin Thomas-CEO, Thomas & Ingram Real Estate/Filmmaker


  • Membership to Karen Hoyos’ VIP inner circle
    • Personal Relationships are the foundation and predecessor for the most important business deals. True entrepreneurs only do business with people they know, like and trust. When you are grounded in your own value, you will be able to naturally bring value to anyone, on any level of financial and artistic success. Training with Karen gives you the tools to possess those qualities and the venue to display them.
  • Access to Edification & Endorsements from top leaders
    • During your One on One Coaching with Karen Hoyos, you will begin to shine in your own space. The Leaders are watching and will see your exponential growth. Truly successful people get excited watching others succeed and this gives you the opportunity to obtain written and video testimonials from the most influential leaders in a variety of fields.


Oksana Grigorieva

Karen Hoyos is a remarkable person, her heart shines with a most profound light. Since meeting Karen, my life has turned

in a completely different direction. Her coaching has equipped me with tools that were previously unknown to me; daily

use of which has opened many horizons, and enriched my life to the fullest. In my professional life as a song writer/producer, I’m experiencing incredible overflow of opportunities and inspiration. I’m blessed to know this lady, she has been my greatest teacher and a Guardian Angel. I’ve learned how to value every moment and stay in it. I’ve learned how to be happy again.

  • Public Relations Strategic Plan
    • Karen Hoyos is a self-made household name in the Latin and Anglo markets. She has built these successful public relations strategies through years experience. You will be handed the keys to your own industry specific public relations plan that will put you on the fast-track to media recognition.
  • Marketing Strategies tested by thousands around the world.
    • Internet marketing, email marketing, website content, brochure copy, taglines, etc. Karen Hoyos and her team of experts will evaluate your marketing materials and coach you in raising the quality and effectiveness of these marketing tools while infusing your personality and essence into your brand, products and services.

I believe that God led me to Karen. From the very first seminar I attended I was under her transformational spell. Her energy and way of being on and off stage had an effect on my essence that I will never forget.

After two amazing and life changing seminars, I began coaching with Karen Hoyos. Karen infused a sense of urgency into my purpose and had my company succeeding in a record three months time.

If you are not ready to make drastic changes in your life to one of passion, purpose, abundance, and joy then run away as fast as you can. Karen is a spiritual warrior whose words are her sword cutting through the collective ego with passion and purpose to transform the world!

Karen is a blessing and gift from God and I am in eternal gratitude for her coaching.”

Matthew Marnitz

Spiritual Leader

Regression Hypnotherapist | Life Coach | Speaker



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