By: Karen Hoyos

Money Tree

I had an amazing spiritual-financial mentoring session today with my best friend and extraordinary business leader Gary Salvit.

We covered the basic yet powerful principles of financial abundance and discussed how easy these principles can be forgotten just because they are so simple.

Any healthy tree with wonderful fruits needs strong roots. If your tree of money is not giving the fruits you are manifesting then it is time to check on your roots.

Here are 5 top money principles that will empower you to grow and keep a healthy and powerful money tree:

1. Giving back: There is no such a thing as too small a contribution when giving back. The ideal is to donate a minimum of 10% of every dollar you make to a charity or charities of your choice. Yet even if it is less than that, do it every week until you can give 10%. The secret to receiving is giving!  Some people will say, how can I give back when what I have is not enough to cover my own expenses? Well you do not  have enough because you are not giving enough.

2. Saving is a must: Not matter how much you earn, it is essential that you save, you must save at least 10% of your income. “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving” – Warren Buffett

3. Tracking your money: You MUST know how much money is coming in, out, when, where and how! Clarity is power! Tracking your money is honoring it. This means that you are grateful for each dollar God provides and that you are ready to open space for more! There are many money tracking systems, you can start with a pen and paper, QuickBooks, or even more sophisticated ones! No matter how you do it, you must remember that until you are managing correctly what you have now the universe will not give you more.

4. Learn every day: Your money tree will grow as much as you do! No matter how successful you already are, there is always space to learn more and you MUST. The EGO likes to be in it’s comfort zone; especially when you have accomplished a certain level of success. Do not allow it to fool you. The key is to surround yourself with people that have the results that you admire and are manifesting. There is also so much great information out there, whether free or for a fee; that will continue elevating your consciousness and your spiritual relationship with money.

5. Focus on your WHY: Ask yourself why you are manifesting more money. The universe won’t give you what you want, rather it will give you what you NEED to fulfill your destiny. It is crucial, and a human need for people to find and live their life’s purpose. Once you understand that financial abundance is just a vehicle to serve your mission, and it is your mission, not your money that will fulfill your heart; you will then be free to focus on living your legacy on this planet every day of your life. Focus on how many people you can serve doing what you love and the money will follow you naturally. This is a universal law.

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About Karen Hoyos

Karen Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, Speaker & Author. Applying the principles she teaches, in just 10 months, Karen was able to reach over 40 million people through her seminars, top television show appearances, published articles, and best-selling products. Karen Hoyos was chosen as one of the seven most inspiring women in the United States along with famous singer Shakira by international magazine “Siempre Mujer”. Karen is often featured as an expert guest on networks such as NBC, E! Entertainment Television and CNN. She personally coaches Hollywood celebrities, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs. Karen has embarked on various humanitarian missions with the United Nations (UN) and many non-profit organizations in Africa and The Americas. She was recently given the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Diplomatic Organization of Los Angeles; an honor which has only been bestowed on Presidents and Ambassadors. Karen Hoyos has been the Keynote Speaker on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including Carnegie Hall and Harvard University. She has also been a Special Guest at famous ceremonies like THE GRAMMYS and THE OSCARS. Karen Hoyos is frequently sought to awaken, refresh and transform the lives of millions of people around the world.

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  1. Excellent advice for all to heed. Thank you!


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