By: Karen Hoyos


Throughout the ages people have shown the world that dreams do come true. What may have once seemed impossible, just took a burning desire, a declaration and boundless determination to make a reality.

Think for a moment, just over hundred years ago an airplane didn’t exist. “Flight is possible for man” Was the powerful statement made by Wilbur Wright, co-inventor of the first engine airplane. Many naturally laughed and didn’t believe in that “crazy” idea! But Wilbur and his bother Orville Wright believed in him and with that total conviction they gave people the flying power of the birds.

Another example is to remember President John F Kennedy’s extraordinary words: “We choose to go to the moon”; “We choose to go to the moon in this decade not because is easy, but because is hard, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win” “… But how can this be possible”? -Many people asked. The President didn’t ask “How?”; he just declared “When!”

People often forget their power to manifest and when someone tells them what can be done, they think that it is only for “the lucky ones” not for them; others will try to achieve something but may believe it will only work in “some” areas, but deep inside they don’t think it is possible to manifest it “all” . The truth is that we are ALL manifesting ALL the time. Some consciously manifest the life of their dreams, and others unconsciously live by default.

I have been very blessed to serve over fifteen thousand graduates of my seminars over the past eight years, and I have experienced the miracles of manifestation in my own life as well. Many people would admit that even though they know they can manifest their dreams, and even know what tools to use, for some reason their reality doesn’t match fully what their vision is.

After years of discovering, experiencing, and sharing the power of manifestation in my own life, I became committed to finding a way to show others how to manifest what they want for themselves and for the world; and decided to create my seminar THE MAGIC OF MANIFESTATION. Click Here To Learn More

The following are some key distinctions that I use in my seminars that will remind you how to allow yourself to be the powerful MANIFESTER you already are:

  1. Clarity is power: In order for you to manifest anything you must be very clear of what is it that you want. Now, it is important to know that you have to think not only what you desire but how this vision will benefit you and others. When you send the intention of serving others through your own vision this energy will align the universe in your favor and you will rapidly enjoy the impact of your great intentions.
  2. Your words have power: You create your world from your language. Be aware of everything you say because your subconscious mind is recording everything as facts. Take the clear vision of your dream and declare it to the world! How? Frist write it down thanking the universe for the generosity of what is already given to you even before you physically have it! Then share it with passion with all the people in your life and every one you meet. Every time you share from your heart the vibration of your joy will open the door of your desire for it to be manifested.
  3. Celebrate: Celebrating is the art of acknowledging where you are so you can create the space of where you want to go. Honor everything you have accomplished so far, the people in your life, your health, your gifts. A grateful heart will continue manifesting more joy in the form of results to match the frequency of your choice!
  4. Walk by faith: When I talk about faith I’m not talking about religion. I do honor and respect your spiritual beliefs. I refer to faith as the powerful force that moves every part of our universe. Faith is a confident belief and acceptance of that which we know in essence to be true. Only when you allow faith to enter your heart, you will fully manifest what you truly deserve!

I invite you today to open your arms to receive THE MAGIC OF MANIFESTATION! Click Here To Learn More

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About Karen Hoyos

Karen Hoyos is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, Speaker & Author. Applying the principles she teaches, in just 10 months, Karen was able to reach over 40 million people through her seminars, top television show appearances, published articles, and best-selling products. Karen Hoyos was chosen as one of the seven most inspiring women in the United States along with famous singer Shakira by international magazine “Siempre Mujer”. Karen is often featured as an expert guest on networks such as NBC, E! Entertainment Television and CNN. She personally coaches Hollywood celebrities, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs. Karen has embarked on various humanitarian missions with the United Nations (UN) and many non-profit organizations in Africa and The Americas. She was recently given the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Diplomatic Organization of Los Angeles; an honor which has only been bestowed on Presidents and Ambassadors. Karen Hoyos has been the Keynote Speaker on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including Carnegie Hall and Harvard University. She has also been a Special Guest at famous ceremonies like THE GRAMMYS and THE OSCARS. Karen Hoyos is frequently sought to awaken, refresh and transform the lives of millions of people around the world.

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